“He truly cares about the residents of his properties.”

When I first began looking into multifamily investments, I began researching various syndicators that I could invest with. I found Ryan and we setup an initial call. I went through his website and began receiving his property offerings. Anytime I had a question, Ryan was always quick to reply with answers to a question or provide links to educational materials I could learn from. Since investing with Ryan, I feel that I have a much better understanding of the industry and am working with someone who truly cares about me and my success. He has demonstrated a personal interest in my growth as an investor and offered suggestions on numerous occasions for decisions I’m making for my future investment strategies.

The traits I value most are his openness to share his knowledge, his personal integrity, and the devotion I see displayed to his family and beliefs. He truly cares about the residents of his properties and strives to improve their quality of life not only by improvements to the property itself, but partnering with local churches to provide programs for the residents to participate in.

I look forward to many years of continued success working with Ryan and wholeheartedly recommend anyone interested in multifamily investments to speak with Ryan and reap the benefits as I have.

Bill – Houston, TX

Passive Investor

“Very impressed with Ryan and will certainly invest with him again”

I met Ryan earliest this year as fellow student of the Brad Sumrok personal mentoring program.  I was immediately impressed with his passion and vision for improving lives not only for his investors, but also for those living in the apartment communities he operates.

Ryan has a unique ability to pair his successful Wall Street background and drive to deliver investment returns with his integrity to always do the right thing for his investors and customers.  The investment process with Ryan was straightforward and seamless. He was very responsive and took as much time as needed to answer all my questions with transparent communication throughout the process.  From my interactions with him, it is clear that he methodically analyses risks and opportunities to add value for his multifamily investment opportunities. 

Ryan’s work ethic and values are constantly demonstrated by his actions, and that gives me high confidence he will go above and beyond to deliver his best for everyone involved in his projects.  As an experienced multifamily investor in many deals with multiple operators, I’ve been very impressed with Ryan and will certainly invest with him again.  I have also recommended that others invest with him as well, I believe a referral is the highest honor a business can receive.

Sheldon – Oklahoma City, OK

Oil & Gas Executive, Key Principal, Passive Investor

“He looks after my money as though it was his own.”

Ryan and I have been friends and business associates for almost two years. We are both investors in multifamily real estate and I have invested in several of his properties. It is easy to trust Ryan and put my own money with him because he is so conscientious and ethical. He looks after my money as though it was his own. His research on properties is exhaustive and meticulous leaving no stone unturned in searching for value. As a result, I find my returns are what this underwriting predicted. It is with pleasure that I call him my friend.

Craig – San Antonio, TX

Retired Dentist, Key Principal, Passive Investor

“Doing business the right way.”

I made my initial introduction with Ryan, oddly enough, at a children’s birthday party at Chuck E Cheese as our sons attend the same school and were in 2nd grade. Fast forward two years, and to-date I have partnered and invested my own funds in three of Ryan’s multifamily projects across the country, while passing on many similar investment opportunities along the way. Transparency with financials, commitment to operational excellence, and openness to answer difficult questions are the key qualities that have provided me with confidence that my funds are well taken care of.


Beyond these qualities, what makes Ryan successful is his yearning to improve the lives of the tenants by going beyond the financials, X’s and O’s and even engaging his own family to be a part of his mission. His efforts have truly defined doing business the right way.

AJ – Houston, TX

Full Time Real Estate Professional, Passive Investor

“Ryan was my mentor, manager, friend and role model.”

I have known Ryan for the last 10.5-years, having worked directly with him for 4-years at Credit Suisse and 2-years at BNP Paribas. Over this course of this time, Ryan was my mentor, manager, friend, and role model. To this day, I consider him to be one of best and motivated salespeople that I have ever worked with (and one of the best on Wall Street). Ryan instilled in me early on the importance of a client-centric business model, where the client always come first. His entrepreneurial passion, work ethic, and ability to think outside the box helped him to cultivate relationships and become a trusted advisor to some of the largest Oil and Gas E&P companies across the world.

I am confident that Ryan can be successful in anything that he puts his mind too, as I have seen him do this on numerous occasions working in the ever-changing, fast-paced, and competitive nature of the commodities trading business. Ryan always seems to be step ahead over the competition and produce results that surpass the expectations of his clients.

Ben – New York, NY

Wall Street Colleague

“I highly recommend getting to know and investing with Ryan.”

It has been a privilege to get to know Ryan and work closely with him over the past year and a half.  He is extremely detailed oriented, keeps close tabs on his properties, and gets involved at the microlevel.

He takes his responsibility to investors very seriously and does not shy away from pushing his team to perform at a high level.  An example of this that I witnessed is him requesting daily updates from property management and requesting detailed reports regarding communications with residents. Their response to his request indicated that this was not the norm. 

His ethics and passion are evidenced by the actions he takes to improve his properties, communities, and the well-being of the residents. He is generous with his extensive knowledge and takes the time to teach and go over details with his investors and team.   He is a creative problem solver and an eloquent communicator as evidenced by his podcasts, blogs, and videos.  I look forward to continuing to work with him and learning from his example. I highly recommend getting to know and investing with Ryan.

Jessica – Dallas, TX

Co-Sponsor, Key Principal, Passive Investor

“Ryan took the time to guide me, answer all of my questions and share advice.”

I met Ryan about two years ago, when I first started looking into investing in multifamily properties. I was immediately impressed with Ryan’s knowledge and success in the short period of time he had been investing. Ryan had numerous multifamily investments under his belt in less than a year. More important was his passion and care for helping new investors. Ryan took the time to guide me, answer all of my questions, and share advice. Ryan has given me a lot of useful guidance along the way and is extremely prompt in responding. I’m happy to say I am invested in 200+ doors with Ryan and I’m looking forward to investing more with him in the future.

Steve – Houston, TX

Passive Investor

“I look forward to working together on many more deals in the future.”

Ryan and I have been working together on our first two acquisitions and it has truly been a pleasure. We both come from an institutional background, having spent years on Wall Street, and have set out to apply that approach to multifamily. Ryan has a relentless drive to improve our processes and systems and truly cares about putting people first, most importantly our investors. I look forward to working together on many more deals in the future.

Jeffrey – LA, California

President & CEO of Overland Capital Investments